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Expanded DME service for patients, professional support for staff

Some practices try to handle bracing and equipment service in-house, but quickly see their revenue jeopardized by the costs associated with hiring appropriate staff and the complexity of the coding and billing process. Other practices simply refer patients off-site, letting profit just walk out the door.

The Training Room offers a third path – one that enables your practice capture more revenue while avoiding additional cost, risk, and hassle. We place one or more Training Room practitioners on-site in your practice: an athletic trainer, physician assistant, orthotist, or other certified professional that’s the best fit for your needs. This practitioner:

  • Performs brace fittings and all related tasks
  • Handles all insurance and billing related duties, including preauthorization for patients using braces and other products provided by the Training Room
  • Coordinates specialty bracing services performed by The Training Room’s staff of certified orthotists, pedorthists, and prosthetists.
  • Manages your orthopedic equipment inventory

Another key benefit:
Every on-site specialist receives assistance from The Training Room’s corporate office staff to ensure streamlined billing. Of course, there are several other benefits to our approach: rent paid to your practice for storage space, competitive pricing on orthopedic supplies through our buyer program , and much more.

To find out how we can benefit your bottom line,
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Greater product choice, value-added services

Under the typical stock-and-bill model, the practice relies on a manufacturer to stock product and, sometimes, to provide billing service. But traditionally this arrangement presents many drawbacks. The manufacturer clearly has an interest in stocking its own products, which limits choice for the practice and quality for the patient.

The Training Room offers a better approach
A complete stock-and-bill program that finally offers providers flexibility, variety, and service.

Unlike many competitors, we are not limited to the products of a single manufacturer. In fact, we stock quality products from dozens of manufacturers, and tailor each practice’s DME supply to physician and staff preference. The Training Room’s stock-and-bill program offers other key advantages over the traditional model, including an injury hotline for patients and rent paid for space used to stock inventory.

To learn more about our stock-and-bill program benefits your bottom line, contact us for a complimentary practice assessment.