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The Training Room develops and administers DME programs that broaden treatment options practices can offer, improve patient outcomes, expand equipment choices and more. For two decades, The Training Room has been a trusted partner for a wide range of providers.


The Training Room offers custom and specialty bracing brace fittings, prosthetics and other clinical services through its accredited location in Towson, Maryland. The company also offers these services on-site at practices and hospitals or in the patient’s home in a service area that includes the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., metro areas, Delaware, Maryland and southern Pennsylvania.

The Training Room also offers on-site and stock-and-bill DME programs for orthopedic and other practices in its service area—programs designed to add convenience, clinical expertise, and enhance patient outcomes.

The Training Room had developed and implemented patient centered and clinically focused programs for numerous providers:

  • Orthopedic practices
  • Hospitals
  • Workers Comp providers
  • Family practices
  • Pain management centers
  • Physical therapy providers
  • Rehabilitation groups
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New: Precision, 3-D printed foot orthotics

Avoid injuries, reduce pain

RS Print, the leading technology in foot orthotics, is now available at The Training Room in Towson—the first U.S. location to offer RS Print, featuring Phits insoles:

  • Advanced scanning technology—More than 5,000 sensors map your foot, enabling better more precise analysis and correction
  • State-of-the-art 3-D printing—We engineer lightweight orthotics using 3-D printing, creating meticulously contoured Phits insoles
  • Fast service from certified clinicians—You get screening at an accredited facility…in just 20 minutes

If you're an athlete or runner who wants to avoid preventable injuries—or if you have foot, knee or back pain—get a complimentary RS Print screening.

Call 410-321-1126 for an appointment today!


Must present certificate at time of screening; click for printable savings certificate. One certificate per customer. Offer expires April 30, 2016.