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The Training Room, Inc. develops and administers a range of DME programs designed to create new revenue streams, boost profit, eliminate billing hassles, improve patient outcomes, expand equipment choices, and more. For nearly two decades, The Training Room has been a trusted partner for a wide range of providers.


In our mid-Atlantic and New England service areas, The Training Room offers a full array of services designed to enhance patient care, increase revenue, lower costs and improve cash flow:

  • Custom and specialty bracing
  • Prosthetics
  • On-site and stock-and-bill DME programs
  • Professional precertification and billing

The Training Room also developed a series of programs – available to providers nationwide – that create new revenue streams that boost profitability:

  • Brace for Success
    an innovative revenue stream for chiropractors and others
  • BraceOPS
    an innovative supply platform that eliminates outpatient DME cost
  • Game Ready™
    a highly regarded treatment option for a wide range of injuries
  • CompResource
    a series of specially selected treatments for Workers Comp providers
  • OrthoComplete
    a single source DME program that expands choice and drives down cost


The Training Room had developed and implemented revenue-focused programs for numerous providers:

  • Orthopedic practices
  • Hospitals
  • Workers Comp providers
  • Family practices
  • Pain management centers
  • Physical therapy providers
  • Rehabilitation groups

bottom line benefits

Our innovative programs offer financial and operational advantages:

  • New revenue opportunities
  • Improved cash flow
  • Better patient care
  • Lower DME costs
  • Reduced staff workload
  • On-site service and DME delivery
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